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Union Edge, The


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Charles Showalter

Charles is a highly decorated United States Air Force Combat Veteran and served in Desert Shield and Desert Storm, a former Immigration Enforcement Officer, and an avid hunter. Charles has worked for the Departments of The Air Force, Justice, Defense, and Homeland Security in various Security and law enforcement leadership positions. Charles was also President of the National Homeland Security Council.

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Angela Baughman

Angela is the executive producer and occasional co-host of The Union Edge.  She's a labor activist with a particular focus on the role of the arts in social movements. She’s sound designer and a graduate of Berklee College of Music who joined the IBEW after working with crews from the Pittsburgh local. “To me, the labor movement is the belief that the power of many is greater than the power of money, put into action,” she says. “We work to take charge of our livelihood and our future- we expect fair pay and decent working conditions, and we demand that our elected officials act on the will of the people who elect them, not the corporations who buy them.” Like Charles, she believes, “It’s imperative we take an active role in bettering our society.

She steps to the other side of the mic on Fridays, co-hosting The Union Edge with Brittany Sheets.

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Brittany Sheets

Brittany is the communications director and an occasional co-host of The Union Edge.  She's a Penn State University Graduate and young labor activist. She was a member of Student Works at Penn State where she actively campaigned for workers rights and labor issues. She interned with The Union Edge for two summers and was hired upon graduation to lead expansion efforts.

Every Friday Brittany co-hosts the show alongside Angela Baughman.

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Laura Wiens

Laura is the Director Of Community Engagement and occasionally a co-host for The Union Edge.  She developed her passion for social justice on a Chandler Fellowship while studying community and grassroots radio, and its role in building a powerful, informed public to affect positive change. She was able to work in the post-conflict regions of Chiapas, MX; Cape Town, SA; and Belgrade, Serbia, all of which are still contending with the effects of dramatic economic disparity and the introduction of a neoliberal national agenda. Laura has been published in the online publication Z Magazine, with an article on the “Conference for Popular Communications” held in Honduras, and was nominated to represent Serbia for the prestigious Prix Italia radio awards, for her documentary on the “Chinese in Belgrade.

In 2007, she was introduced to the Union while working as a line cook in a casino, and spent 3 years in an intense campaign organizing her coworkers to win the union. She then worked as an organizer for the hospitality union Unite Here! in Pittsburgh before she joined The Union Edge team