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Your Weekly Constitutional

About the Show

Your Weekly Constitutional is a public radio show and podcast that focuses upon interesting and controversial issues in constitutional law, from gay rights to gun rights.  Produced in partnership with James Madison's Montpelier, it features interviews with knowledgeable lawyers, scholars, and others about current and historical topics, including church-state relations, states' rights, and even the constitutionality of secession.  YWC's host is Stewart Harris, an award-winning law professor who loves to talk about the Constitution in a fun, accessible way that everyone can understand.  He's spoken with many fascinating people, including United States Senator Rand Paul, a leading critic of the Federal Reserve, Governor Beverly Perdue of North Carolina, who is leading her state's efforts to compensate victims of forced sterilization, and John Bellinger, the former Legal Advisor to the National Security Council.

The show also includes regular features such as the "Madison Minute," which explores James Madison's life, family and thought, and "This Week at Montpelier," which describes the fascinating goings-on at Montpelier, from archaeology to wine tasting. 

Our most popular feature is our Constitutional Quiz, in which our Quiz Lady, Kelly Carmichael from the Center for the Constitution, tests the knowledge of some of our braver listeners.  Would you like to be a contestant?  Are you man enough?  Are you woman enough? If you think you have what it takes, email us at  All contestants receive a pocket Constitution from James Madison's Montpelier, and winners receive a YWC T-shirt.